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A Certified nurse midwife and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (Dr. Teri Mitchell) and a Acute/Primary care certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (Jennifer Caswell, APRN). Provide obstetric and gynecological care, annual exams, prenatal care, labor and birth care, and lactation consultations, as well as pediatric care from newborn to 18yrs. Serving Frisco, McKinney, Prosper, Little Elm, The Colony, Celina, Fairview, Plano, Allen, and surrounding areas.

...because I want you to be successful

"I will take 'Things your midwife says' for $1,000, Alex." 

Alex- The answer is: "because I want you to be successful!" 

"Why do I need a doula?"

Alex- You got it! go again. 

I often get asked by clients if & why they should hire a doula. My answer every time is 'because I want you to be successful.' As a certified nurse-midwife, my role is clinical. It is my responsibility to monitor your adaptations to the labor, birth, and postpartum process; listen to your baby's heart beat; listen to your body language & fear & joys; monitor your blood pressure and temperature; prescribe and administer the appropriate herbs or medications; be prepared for emergencies & more. Sometimes, during a long or extraordinarily difficult labor, I just need to step out of your space and think.  While I am brain storming creative solutions to help your labor progress, or performing clinical tasks, or charting in your medical record, or checking (and double checking) that all the emergency supplies are set out, triple checking that all the emergency supplies are working, and so on- your labor marches on.

You still need those hip squeezes while I am charting. You still need those encouraging words while I am setting up the oxygen tank. You still need a constant presence of a skilled birth worker who knows just the right thing to say or just the right place to massage.

I enjoy doing all those things too, but they are just a bonus when they are coming from me. You really hired me to make sure your baby breathes, to give you stitches, and to keep you safe. Doulas are such an integral part of the birth team, so much so that I require them for first time moms!  

The evidence for doulas is convincing. Check out this article from Evidence Based Birth: Click Here

Every year we celebrate World Doula Week from March 22-28. Here in the greater Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, we are very fortunate to work with so many incredible doulas! Here are just a fraction of them, who I have had the privilege of working with & learning from. The birthing families (and the providers!) of DFW are fortunate to have you all!   


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