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Midwifery & Pediatrics

A Certified nurse midwife and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (Dr. Teri Mitchell) and a Acute/Primary care certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (Jennifer Caswell, APRN). Provide obstetric and gynecological care, annual exams, prenatal care, labor and birth care, and lactation consultations, as well as pediatric care from newborn to 18yrs. Serving Frisco, McKinney, Prosper, Little Elm, The Colony, Celina, Fairview, Plano, Allen, and surrounding areas.


Waterbirth. VBAC. Lactation.

Home Birth After Cesarean

Home Birth After Cesarean

At BundleBorn Midwifery & Pediatrics, clients can expect respectful, holistic, safe care. Our nurse-midwife believes that pregnancy and birth are normal & natural body processes. 

Her role is to help the family learn how to maintain optimal health throughout the pregnancy and to monitor both the mother and the baby for variations in the natural process. If complications arise, she uses evidenced-based practice and informed decision making to maintain the well-being of mother and baby. She will partner with you to help guide you in the decision making. You will be at the center of all decisions about the care provided throughout your pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum care. All recommendations will be thoroughly explained & consent obtained before any care is provided. 

Our midwife believes in not disturbing the labor process.

She will monitor labor with as minimal intervention as possible. However, if the need for intervention arises, clients can expect to receive appropriate interventions, only as medically necessary. The important difference between BundleBorn Midwifery and some traditional obstetric care is that clients will not undergo interventions that are NOT medically necessary. 

Most visits are held at our comfortable office, which is set up to be accomodating to the entire family. There is no need to find childcare for your older children, unless you simply prefer to.  While BundleBorn Midwifery primarily attends home births, clients have the option of a birth center birth at East Dallas Birth & Wellness (additional fees apply). 

photo credit: Lawren Rose Photography

photo credit: Lawren Rose Photography

Everyone wants to know “What if...?”
If you need hospital care, you will get hospital care. If your baby needs to go to the NICU, your baby will go to the NICU. There is no care that you or your baby will be denied. However, you will not get care that you don’t need.
— Teri

When it became apparent that this brave woman would need to birth her baby in a hospital setting, BundleBorn Midwifery ensured that a team of specialists were in place. Midwife Teri was honored to continue to support this couple as they welcomed their baby under the care of her partnering obstetrician, Dr. Elizabeth Newsom. 

(video credit: Lawren Rose Photography)

The number of clients will be limited, in order to ensure the highest quality of care. Reserve your home birth early!

photo credit: Lawren Rose Photography

photo credit: Lawren Rose Photography

Well Person Care

  • Annual Physicals

  • Pap Smears

  • STD Testing

  • Blood testing

  • Clinical Breast/Chest Exams

  • Family Planning

    • birth control options

    • natural family planning & fertility awareness methods

    • non-pharmacological techniques, such as the Cava diaphragm

  • Preconception Counseling

LGBTQAI friendly midwife!

LGBTQAI friendly midwife!


Prenatal Care

  • Routine Prenatal visits & labs

  • Listening to your baby's heart beat with fetoscope (similar to a stethoscope) or doppler (handheld electronic device)

  • Pregnancy Care education

  • Evidence-Based & Standard of Care guidelines followed, with client's consent

  • Monthly appointments from first visit to 28 weeks; every 2 weeks from 28 to 36 weeks; weekly appointments from 36 to 41 weeks; every 2-3 day appointments from 41-42 weeks

  • Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual preparation for labor

Labor & Birth

  • Labor & Birth in the comfort of your own home

    • Doula required for first births, strongly encouraged for all births

  • Waterbirth

  • VBAC

  • Fetal heart rate monitoring with intermittent auscultation

  • Freedom of Movement

  • Comfort measures of individual's choice

  • Birth position of individual's choice

  • IV port available, but not required

  • Eating & drinking encouraged, as individual can tolerate & desires

  • Continuous labor support during active labor

  • Immediate skin to skin contact upon birth of baby

  • Delayed cord clamping

  • All routine procedures delayed until after baby nurses and bonds

  • Emergency equipment (& skills!) brought to every birth

Photo credit:  Lawren Rose Photography

Postpartum & Newborn Care

  • Comprehensive newborn exam, with documentation to take to baby's health care provider

  • Routine baby medications available (vitamin K and erythromycin eye ointment), with parental consent only

  • 24hr telephone support, as needed

  • 1 day PP follow up phone call

  • 2-3 day PP home visit, including

    • lactation consultation

    • congential heart defect screen

    • metabolic screening #1

    • physical exams, vital signs, emotional support

  • 2-3 week PP visit including:

  • 12 week PP visit, including:

    • family planning 

    • lactation support

    • annual exam, including pap smear (if indicated) 

Lactation Consultations

  • Available to both established clients and new clients

  • Initial consultations are approximately 1.5 to 2hrs

    • includes 2 weeks of follow-up by phone, text, or email

  • Includes review of medical history for both the client and the baby

  • Comprehensive assessment of client and baby, with full evaluation of infant's oral-motor skills and frenulums

  • Feeding plan to address the root cause of your challenges will be developed together by provider and family

  • Specialty areas

    • oral restrictions (tongue and lip-tie)

    • nipple pain/poor latch on (including for flat or inverted nipples)

    • low milk supply; low weight gain

    • returning to work and continued lactation

    • adoptive lactation & re-lactation

  • Fees

    • consultations before baby's birth; $100 per hour

    • initial consultations; 1.5-2hrs: $200

    • follow-up consultations; 1hr: $100

I customize my care to suit the needs of each family. My “routine care” is to adapt the services that I provide. no two pregnancies, births, or babies are the same.
— Teri

Insurance & Payment

BundleBorn Midwifery is out-of-network with all insurance companies. Insurance claims will be submitted on your behalf, after the birth of the baby. Payments due in full at the time of service. If your insurance company provides payment, you will be provided with reimbursement for fees beyond deductible/co-insurance levels. Fee schedule available upon request.

We are not a medicaid participating provider.

BundleBorn Midwifery is an approved out of network Tricare provider. 

A 10% discount is offered to the following individuals:

  • Birth Professionals (midwives, physicians, doulas, childbirth educators, nurses, birth assistants, Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants, birth photographers)

  • Military families (active, reserve or national guard, retired)

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Serving Frisco, McKinney, Prosper, Little Elm, The Colony, Celina, Fairview, Plano, Allen, Dallas, Addison, and surrounding areas.