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A Certified nurse midwife and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (Dr. Teri Mitchell) and a Acute/Primary care certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (Jennifer Caswell, APRN). Provide obstetric and gynecological care, annual exams, prenatal care, labor and birth care, and lactation consultations, as well as pediatric care from newborn to 18yrs. Serving Frisco, McKinney, Prosper, Little Elm, The Colony, Celina, Fairview, Plano, Allen, and surrounding areas.

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How Does it work?

A common, reasonable, & responsible question about hiring BundleBorn Midwifery for your care is about your financial investment. 

Here is some info about fees, for you to consider. Our clients pay for their care during the course of their pregnancy. If you have insurance, after the baby is born we can submit your claim on your behalf. Sometimes insurance provides some payment that can be reimbursed to you, while other times they do not. The claim will be processed based on your out of network coverage levels.

We offer 2 packages for you to choose from:

  1. All-inclusive Bundle

  2. A La Carte

1. All Inclusive BundlE $9,500

The all-inclusive bundle package takes the guess work out of your budget. This option includes ALL (with a few uncommon exceptions) of your care with BundleBorn Midwifery, birth pool rental from Buoyant Birth, birth assistant fees, participating doula of your choice, and even a birth videographer/photographer! This package ends up saving you nearly $2,000, compared to if you had paid for each of these services separately. Click through the digital booklet (above) for all the details.

Remember, a doula is required for those giving birth naturally for the first time. A doula is still strongly encouraged for experienced naturally birthing families! 

2. a la Carte $6,500

The A La Carte package is a good option for those families that won't use as many services, such as doula or birth tub rental. Each lab test, supply, and baby testing will be billed separate from the base package price.


Our team!

(from left to right): Midwife Teri, Birth Assistant Laura, Photographer Lawren, Student Midwife Nikki.

the nitty gritty details about insurance claims

BundleBorn Midwifery is OUT OF NETWORK with all insurance companies. You will need to familiarize yourself with your out of network benefits, but keep in mind that you must first meet your deductible before they begin payments on your claims. Once your deductible is met, you will then be responsible for your co-insurance. 

Here is how the cash pay/ insurance process works:

  • You pay the retainer fee for your chosen package during your pregnancy

  • Your baby is born

  • We submit a claim for the full amount (non-discounted) dated for the baby's date of birth, based on the actual services and clinical outcomes. We will also bill for any services provided in addition to those covered by the retainer fee.

  • Your insurance "approves" the amount of the claim that they say the care should cost

    • This is typically less than the amount of the actual claim

    • This amount widely varies by plan

    • Your insurance company WILL NOT disclose the approved amounts prior to submission of your claim.

    • Your insurance company determines your responsible amount

  • The insurance company then applies the approved amount to your deductible

    • Deductible amount widely varies by plan

  • If deductible has been met, they will then determine your responsible portion for your co-insurance.

    • For example, if your out of network co-insurance is 50%, then your insurance company will report that you are responsible for 50% of the approved amount (in excess of deductible) & they will pay 50% of the approved amount.

  • If your coverage is a $0 deductible with 100% coverage (no co-insurance), keep in mind this means they cover the amount that they determine or "approve," not the actual cost of care.

  • We can reimburse you only if you have paid more than the deductible + co-insurance amount, after funds are applied to your outstanding balance for services rendered.

    • Refunding deductible amounts or co-insurance payments is insurance fraud (so obviously we don't do that).

As you can see, this is a lengthy and unpredictable process. There is no way to find out in advance how much your insurance company will reimburse. We want to be very clear that there is no guarantee of reimbursement. We submit the claim and hope for the best for you! 

What about health sharing programs?

We are very familiar with working with programs such as Samaritan, CHM, and Medishare!

Some of these programs, such as Samaritan, allow for submission of a "pre-need" request. In this case, we are happy to provide an invoice at the start of your care, you are only responsible to pay your deposit to hold your spot, and then await payment from Samaritan.

Other programs, such as Medishare, work more similarly to traditional insurance. You pay for your care during your pregnancy & we submit the claim after baby is born. 

Be sure to find out from your program what options are available to you!  

Do we Accept Medicaid?

Medicaid is very different from other insurance plans. Medicaid only pays to approved Medicaid-Participating-Providers & payment rates are very low. We are not be able to provide the extended appointment times and high quality services at the rate Medicaid pays. If a family with Medicaid has means to pay the cash pay rate, we absolutely accept them into care- but we are not able to submit the claim for reimbursement. We are able to provide your medicaid number to the lab for your blood work, so that they can bill medicaid directly. In that case, you would not be responsible for paying cash for your laboratory fees.

What about Tricare?

Midwife Teri is an Army wife herself & very passionate about providing care to military families! She is an approved out of network provider with Tricare & offers a $500 discount for military families who choose the A La Carte Package. 


Our team; when we cared for this family for the second time!

PS: the mom in the photo is Heather…our insurance specialist!! Not only is she great at her job, but she also understands what it’s like to be in the client’s shoes.

pictured: Midwife Teri Mitchell, Birth Assistant Laura Perkins, dad, insurance specialist & mom Heather, Doula Laura Fortner (North Dallas Doula Associates), Student Midwife Nikki Knowles, and Photographer Lawren (Lawren Rose Photography)

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